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22. - 24. February 2018, Vienna (Austria)

Conference Programme

Thursday, 22nd February 2018

12.00     registration

13.15     welcome & introduction

Session 1 - Pluripotency, differentiation & reprogramming

13.30     Joerg Betschinger:  Lysosomal signalling is essential for embryonic stem cell differentiation and human development 

14.00     Yacub Hanna: Mechanisms for Assembling and Resolving Naïve Pluripotency

14.30     short talk from abstract

14.45     short talk from abstract

15.00     break  

15.30     Gabsang LeeEstablishment of Light-inducible control of Stem Cell Fate 

16.00     Graziano MartelloTranscriptional regulation of naive pluripotency

16.30     short talk from abstract

16.45     break 

17.15     keynote lecture: Magdalena Zernicka-GoetzBuilding the mammalian embryo: in vivo and in vitro

18.15     dinner

Friday, 23rd February 2018

Session 2 -  Adult stem cells & model organisms

09.00     Nadia Mercader Huber: Cardiomyocyte plasticity during heart regeneration in the zebrafish    

09.30     Enzo PorrelloMetabolic and transcriptional control of mammalian heart regeneration    

10.00     break

10.30     Tom Hiu Tung CheungDifferential mRNA processing during muscle stem cell activation  

11.00     Charles ChanTemporal/Spatial Transcriptomic analysis of Normal and Neoplastic Stem Cell Niches

11.30     short talk from abstract

11.45     break

Session 3 - Organoids & bioengineering

12.15     Meritxell Huch: Liver organoids for the study of liver biology and disease 

12.45     Agnete Kirkeby: Modelling human rostro-caudal neural patterning with microfluidic gradients

13.15     lunch

14.30     Anne Grapin-BottonPancreas organoids to deconstruct developmental mechanisms

15.00     Giorgia QuadratoCell diversity and network dynamics in photosensitive human brain organoids

15.30     short talk from abstract

15.45     short talk from abstract

16.00     Poster session 

Saturday, 24th February 2018

First author session

09.00     Jérôme Chal: Developing the next generation of hiPSC-based assay platforms: biomedical relevance and applications for striated muscles

09.20     Patricia GarcezCerebral Organoids and Neurospheres as Models to Study Microcephaly associated with Zika virus in vitro

09.40     Malkiel CohenStem cell derived neural crest chimeras for modeling human diseases in vivo

10.00     break

10.30     Marisa KarowProbing the transcriptional programs underlying human neurogenesis by direct lineage reprogramming

10.50     talk tbc

11.05     break

Session 4 - Technologies & emerging methods

11.15     Barbara TreutleinReconstructing human organ development using single-cell transcriptomics    

11.45     Christoph PatschInduced Pluripotent Stem Cells for Modeling Neurological Disorders and Drug Discovery

12.15     short talk from abstract

12.30     lunch

Session 5 - Clinical outlooks

14.00     Barbara Ludwig: Current status and future perspectives in diabetes therapy- from cells, pills, and chimera

14.30     Markus ManzInflamm-Ageing of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

15.00    Fotis SampaziotisCholangiocyte organoids for clinical applications

15.30    break

16.00     keynote lecture: Marius Wernig: How to Make a Neuron

17.00     closing remarks