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NRPoster titleNameAffiliation
1A tissue-specific and transcription-dependent mechanism regulates primary microRNA processing efficiency of the human Chromosome 19 MicroRNA ClusterÁbel FóthiRCNS, HAS
2The microRNome of HAdV5-infected lung epithelial cellsAlexander JüretsIMC University of Applied Sciences krems
3DICIER: A fine-tuned bioinformatics pipeline to detect microRNA chimeric reads.Andrea GrioniCentral European Institute of Technology
4Nuclear quality control of precursor microRNA hairpinsAngela Rodrigues VianaInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)
5miRNA regulated genes control plant-pathogen interactionAnita Sós-HegedűsNational Agricultural Biotechnology Research and Innovation Center
6Biochemical characterization of uridylation-mediated RNA decay by the Drosophila TRUMP complexAnnamaria SgromoInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)
7Deciphering effects of Adar on Drosophila metamorphosis.Anzer KhanCEITEC, MU
8MicroRNA determinants of the balance between effector and regulatory CD4+ T cells in vivoCarolina CunhaInstituto de Medicina Molecular - João Lobo Antunes (iMM-JLA)
9Planarians recruit piRNAs for mRNA turnover in adult stem cellsClaus KuhnUniversity of Bayreuth
10The biochemical basis of the cooperative action of miRNAsDaniel BriskinMassachusetts Institute of Technology, Whitehead Institute, HHMI
11Deciphering long dsRNA fate in mammalian cellsDaniel van LeeuwenDeparment of Biology, ETH Zurich
12MicroRNAs Play Key Regulatory Roles in Heat ShockDelaney PagliusoUniversity of California San Diego
13Different mechanisms of miR-21 inhibition of translation in two human cell linesDorota HudySilesian University of Technology
14The epigenetic and evolutionary importance of palindromic motifs in the regulatory region of LTR retrotransposonsElias PrimetisUniversity of Sussex, School of Life Sciences
15Crosstalk of RNAi and piRNA pathways in retrotransposon control in mouse oocytesEliška SvobodováInstitute of Molecular Genetics
16Screening for secondary siRNA factors in Arabidopsis thalianaEmilie OksbjergInstitute of Biology, University of Copenhagen
17Exploring the function of an ancient miRNA family that is essential for C. elegans embryogenesisEmilio Manuel SantillanResearch Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
18A nutrient supplement promotes the rapid detection and improved sensitivity of mycobacteria in clinical samples via the differential regulation of dormancy genes and noncoding RNAsEphrem ZegeyeNORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS
19The embryonic transcriptome of Arabidopsis thalianaFalko HofmannGregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI)
20Phosphorylation of AGO1 regulate sRNA pathwayFangyue GuoUniversity of Copenhagen
21Drosophila small ovary: a novel chromatin regulator involved in piRNA-mediated transposon silencingFerenc JankovicsBiological Research Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
22Forward genetics identifies the first protein required for selective cell-to-cell and long-distance transport of miRNAsFlorian BrioudesETH Zurich
24Investigation of the drug resistance-associated miRNA targetome using modified cross-linking ligation and sequencing of hybrids (qCLASH)Ines KozarUniversity of Luxembourg
25Coarse-Grained RNA 3D Structure Prediction with auxiliary Experimental DataIrene K. BeckmannDepartment of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna
26Untangling the role of H3K9me3 in transgenerational small RNA inheritanceItamar LevTel-Aviv University
27Dissecting 3’ end formation and trailer piRNA production in Aedes mosquitoesJoep JoostenRadboudUMC
28A photo-triggerable NP library for skin cell targeting and efficient in-vivo small non-coding RNA delivery in wound healingJosephine BlerschCenter for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Coimbra, Portugal
29Target Pattern Analysis of 5’ tRNA Halves Reveals Sequence-Specific, Ago-Independent Gene RegulationJulia JehnJohannes Gutenberg University Mainz
30CTD tyrosine1-phosphorylated RNA polymerase II produces damage-responsive transcripts at DNA double-strand breaksKaspar BurgerSir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford
31Small RNAs in somatic embryogenesis of Norway spruceKatja StojkovičUmea Plant Science Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
32The architecture of a  plant Argonaute1-Heat Shock Protein70 complex suggests chaperone involvement in Argonaute-GW interactionsLaura Arribas-HernándezUniversity of Copenhagen
33Opposing Roles of MicroRNA Argonautes in Caenorhabditis elegans AgingLaura ChipmanUniversity of California, San Diego
34Investigation of the function of Arabidopsis thaliana DCL2 as a receptor for viral RNALijuan HanCopenhagen University
35Engineering interferon-proficient embryonic stem cellsLisanne KnolUniversity of Edinburgh
36Identification of Factors Regulating long non-coding RNA Termination as a Mechanism to Suppress Transcriptional InterferenceLouise KastbergCopenhagen Plant Science Centre, University of Copenhagen
37MiR21 regulates different cancer cells death – programmed apoptosis and ferroptosisMałgorzata AdamiecPolitechnika Śląska
38Association time of AGO1 with its target as a trigger of secondary siRNA production Maria VighUniversity of Copenhagen -Biocenter
39MicroRNA dynamics and functions during Arabidopsis thaliana embryogenesisMichael NodineGregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI)
40miR-10b marks aggressive squamous cell carcinomas in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosaMonika WimmerEB House AusTria
41nanoPARE: parallel analysis of RNA 5′ ends from low-input RNAMichael SchonGregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI)
42A heterochromatin-specific RNA export pathway facilitates piRNA productionMostafa ElMaghrabyInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)
43Differentially regulated micro RNAs in inflammatory monocytesMuhammad AslamJustus Liebig University, Giessen
44Regulation of miRNA biogenesis by the extracellular matrix: tenascin-C and miR-155 in the macrophage response to infectionNicole ZordanUniversity of Nottingham
45miR-26 regulates neurogenesis via RESTNina HoubenInstitute of  Medical Radiology and Cell Research (MSZ)
46Exploring the functional conservation of a deeply conserved animal microRNA Paula Gutiérrez PérezResearch Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
47Golgi-associated Rab protein is required for proper miRISC localization and functionPascale MichaudCRCHU de Quebec - Universite Laval
48Dissecting the essential requirements for microRNAs in embryonic development of Caenorhabditis elegansPhilipp DexheimerResearch Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
49dkc1 mutations are associated with changes in tp53 expression and growth impairment.Renáta HamarEötvös Loránd University
50Application of self organizing maps to identify miRNA fingerprint signatures in recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosaRoland ZaunerEB House Austria
51Analysis of miRNAs expression in different grade gliomaRytis StakaitisLithuanian University Of Health Sciences
52The Atlas of DROSHA Cleavage Sites on Primary MicroRNAsS. Chan BaekSeoul National University
53Interaction between microRNA and circRNA in endothelial dysfunction.Sabina LicholaiJagiellonian University
54Role of sRNAs and DNA methylation as regulators of transgressive phenotypes in plantsSara Lopez-GomollonUniversity of Cambridge
55Knock down expression of the P0 protein from the PLRV genome by inducing the production of the hpRNA and siRNAs of this RNA silencing inhibitor and creating highly resistant strains of the virusShahla FaterirezvaniAzarbaijan shahid Madani University
56Rhythmic expression of miRNAs in C. elegansSmita NaharFriedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI)
57DROSHA isoform associated with Golgi apparatusSoomin SonSeoul National University
58Identification of host factors for viral symptom development by comparative transcriptome, sRNA-ome and degradome analysis of two Arabidopsis ecotypesTamás TóthNational Agricultural Research And Innovation Centre
59TraPR: Trans kingdom rapid and affordable Purification of RISCsThomas GRENTZINGERETH Zürich, RNA Biology group
60Heritable small RNAs mediate short-term but not long-term epigenetic variation in C. elegansToni BeltranMRC London Institute of Medical Sciences
61The Role of RNAPII Transcription Kinetics in Plants Xueyuan LengUniversity of Copenhagen
62Germ granules proteins control small RNA homeostasis transgenerationallyYael MorTel Aviv University
64The piRNA pathway secures male fertility by silencing a single sex chromosome linked gene in the differentiated germ line cells of Drosophila melanogasterZsolt VenkeiUniversity of Michigan, Life Sciences Institute, Yamashita Lab

fs(1)yb mediates self vs non-self differentiation in Drosophila somatic piRNA biogenesis

Dominik Handler Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)
66miRNA pathway activity in mammalian female germlineShubhangini KatarukaInstitute of Molecular Genetics
67The nascent RNA binding complex SFiNX licenses piRNA-guided heterochromatin formationJakob SchnablInstitute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA)