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Seminars & Events

IMBA provides a synergistic forum for academic exchange: a series of seminars, talks and guest lectures for all faculty members are offered at IMBA and the Vienna BioCenter. The different events, ranging from regular seminar series, to specific symposia, impromptu seminars and invited talks, bring fresh perspectives, highlight current issues, and involve internationally renowned experts as well as promising early stage researchers.

Monday Seminars

Monday Seminar is a standing feature at IMBA and across the different institutes of the Vienna BioCenter. Taking place each Monday at 12:30, right after lunch, it is a great opportunity to be at the heart of the ongoing research activities at the Vienna BioCenter. Three different speakers talk about their latest findings and share their insights with their colleagues on campus. This weekly exchange of ideas provides a fruitful ground for discussions, new approaches and collaborative efforts. These seminars are exclusively for members of the four research institutes at the ViennaBioCenter.

VBC Seminars

The VBC Seminars are a series of talks that take place on a regular basis and feature internationally renowned scientists from research institutes across the world.

Other seminars

IMBA hosts a range of Impromptu Seminars or VBC postdoc seminars. These seminars are usually organized by faculty from IMBA or other institutes with the Vienna BioCenter.