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Year Title Journal Authors
2018 Analysis of 3' End Modifications in microRNAs by High-Throughput Sequencing. Methods Mol Biol Reimão-Pinto, MM., Rodrigues-Viana, AM., Ameres, SL.
2018 SLAM-seq defines direct gene-regulatory functions of the BRD4-MYC axis. Science Muhar, M., Ebert, A., Neumann, T., Umkehrer, C., Jude, J., Wieshofer, C., Rescheneder, P., Lipp, JJ., Herzog, VA., Reichholf, B., Cisneros, DA., Hoffmann, T., Schlapansky, MF., Bhat, P., von Haeseler, A., Köcher, T., Obenauf, AC., Popow, J., Ameres, SL., Zuber, J.
2018 Small RNAs Are Trafficked from the Epididymis to Developing Mammalian Sperm. Dev Cell Sharma, U., Sun, F., Conine, CC., Reichholf, B., Kukreja, S., Herzog, VA., Ameres, SL., Rando, OJ.
2018 SLAM-ITseq: sequencing cell type-specific transcriptomes without cell sorting. Development Matsushima, W., Herzog, VA., Neumann, T., Gapp, K., Zuber, J., Ameres, SL., Miska, EA.
2018 Positioning Europe for the EPITRANSCRIPTOMICS challenge. RNA Biol Jantsch, MF., Quattrone, A., O'Connell, M., Helm, M., Frye, M., Macias-Gonzales, M., Ohman, M., Ameres, S., Willems, L., Fuks, F., Oulas, A., Vanacova, S., Nielsen, H., Bousquet-Antonelli, C., Motorin, Y., Roignant, JY., Balatsos, N., Dinnyes, A., Baranov, P., Kelly, V., Lamm, A., Rechavi, G., Pelizzola, M., Liepins, J., Holodnuka Kholodnyuk, I., Zammit, V., Ayers, D., Drablos, F., Dahl, JA., Bujnicki, J., Jeronimo, C., Almeida, R., Neagu, M., Costache, M., Bankovic, J., Banovic, B., Kyselovic, J., Valor, LM., Selbert, S., Pir, P., Demircan, T., Cowling, V., Schäfer, M., Rossmanith, W., Lafontaine, D., David, A., Carre, C., Lyko, F., Schaffrath, R., Schwartz, S., Verdel, A., Klungland, A., Purta, E., Timotijevic, G., Cardona, F., Davalos, A., Ballana, E., O Carroll, D., Ule, J., Fray, R.
2018 Structural basis for acceptor RNA substrate selectivity of the 3' terminal uridylyl transferase Tailor. Nucleic Acids Res Kroupova, A., Ivascu, A., Reimão-Pinto, MM., Ameres, SL., Jinek, M.
2018 Cell-type specific sequencing of microRNAs from complex animal tissues. Nat Methods Alberti, C., Manzenreither, RA., Sowemimo, I., Burkard, TR., Wang, J., Mahofsky, K., Ameres, SL., Cochella, L.
2017 Thiol-linked alkylation of RNA to assess expression dynamics. Nat Methods Herzog, VA., Reichholf, B., Neumann, T., Rescheneder, P., Bhat, P., Burkard, TR., Wlotzka, W., von Haeseler, A., Zuber, J., Ameres, SL.
2016 Molecular basis for cytoplasmic RNA surveillance by uridylation-triggered decay in Drosophila. EMBO J Reimão-Pinto, MM., Manzenreither, RA., Burkard, TR., Sledz, P., Jinek, M., Mechtler, K., Ameres, SL.
2016 Genetic and mechanistic diversity of piRNA 3'-end formation. Nature Hayashi, R., Schnabl, J., Handler, D., Mohn, F., Ameres, SL., Brennecke, J.
2015 Approaching the Golden Fleece a Molecule at a Time: Biophysical Insights into Argonaute-Instructed Nucleic Acid Interactions. Mol Cell Herzog, VA., Ameres, SL.
2015 Uridylation of RNA Hairpins by Tailor Confines the Emergence of MicroRNAs in Drosophila. Mol Cell Reimão-Pinto, MM., Ignatova, V., Burkard, TR., Hung, JH., Manzenreither, RA., Sowemimo, I., Herzog, VA., Reichholf, B., Fariña-Lopez, S., Ameres, SL.
2015 Selective Suppression of the Splicing-Mediated MicroRNA Pathway by the Terminal Uridyltransferase Tailor. Mol Cell Bortolamiol-Becet, D., Hu, F., Jee, D., Wen, J., Okamura, K., Lin, CJ., Ameres, SL., Lai, EC.
2013 Diversifying microRNA sequence and function. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol Ameres, SL., Zamore, PD.
2012 Long-term, efficient inhibition of microRNA function in mice using rAAV vectors. Nat Methods Xie, J., Ameres, SL., Friedline, R., Hung, JH., Zhang, Y., Xie, Q., Zhong, L., Su, Q., He, R., Li, M., Li, H., Mu, X., Zhang, H., Broderick, JA., Kim, JK., Weng, Z., Flotte, TR., Zamore, PD., Gao, G.
2011 MicroRNA-regulated, systemically delivered rAAV9: a step closer to CNS-restricted transgene expression. Mol Ther Xie, J., Xie, Q., Zhang, H., Ameres, SL., Hung, JH., Su, Q., He, R., Mu, X., Seher Ahmed, S., Park, S., Kato, H., Li, C., Mueller, C., Mello, CC., Weng, Z., Flotte, TR., Zamore, PD., Gao, G.
2011 Target RNA-directed tailing and trimming purifies the sorting of endo-siRNAs between the two Drosophila Argonaute proteins. RNA Ameres, SL., Hung, JH., Xu, J., Weng, Z., Zamore, PD.
2011 The 3'-to-5' exoribonuclease Nibbler shapes the 3' ends of microRNAs bound to Drosophila Argonaute1. Curr Biol Han, BW., Hung, JH., Weng, Z., Zamore, PD., Ameres, SL.
2010 Target RNA-directed trimming and tailing of small silencing RNAs. Science Ameres, SL., Horwich, MD., Hung, JH., Xu, J., Ghildiyal, M., Weng, Z., Zamore, PD.
2010 Riding in silence: a little snowboarding, a lot of small RNAs. Silence Ameres, SL., Fukunaga, R.