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Year Title Journal Authors
2018 Epithelial Sodium Channel Regulates Adult Neural Stem Cell Proliferation in a Flow-Dependent Manner. Cell Stem Cell Petrik, D., Myoga, MH., Grade, S., Gerkau, NJ., Pusch, M., Rose, CR., Grothe, B., Götz, M.
2017 Neuronal replacement therapy: previous achievements and challenges ahead. NPJ Regen Med Grade, S., Götz, M.
2016 Transplanted embryonic neurons integrate into adult neocortical circuits. Nature Falkner, S., Grade, S., Dimou, L., Conzelmann, KK., Bonhoeffer, T., Götz, M., Hübener, M.
2016 Decrease in newly generated oligodendrocytes leads to motor dysfunctions and changed myelin structures that can be rescued by transplanted cells. Glia Schneider, S., Gruart, A., Grade, S., Zhang, Y., Kröger, S., Kirchhoff, F., Eichele, G., Delgado García, JM., Dimou, L.
2013 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor promotes vasculature-associated migration of neuronal precursors toward the ischemic striatum. PLoS One Grade, S., Weng, YC., Snapyan, M., Kriz, J., Malva, JO., Saghatelyan, A.
2013 Oligodendrogenesis from neural stem cells: perspectives for remyelinating strategies. Int J Dev Neurosci Grade, S., Bernardino, L., Malva, JO.