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Year Title Journal Authors
2018 Salt-Dependent Rheology and Surface Tension of Protein Condensates Using Optical Traps. Phys Rev Lett Jawerth, LM., Ijavi, M., Ruer, M., Saha, S., Jahnel, M., Hyman, AA., Jülicher, F., Fischer-Friedrich, E.
2018 A User's Guide for Phase Separation Assays with Purified Proteins. J Mol Biol Alberti, S., Saha, S., Woodruff, JB., Franzmann, TM., Wang, J., Hyman, AA.
2017 RNA gets in phase. J Cell Biol Saha, S., Hyman, AA.
2017 ATP as a biological hydrotrope. Science Patel, A., Malinovska, L., Saha, S., Wang, J., Alberti, S., Krishnan, Y., Hyman, AA.
2016 Polar Positioning of Phase-Separated Liquid Compartments in Cells Regulated by an mRNA Competition Mechanism. Cell Saha, S., Weber, CA., Nousch, M., Adame-Arana, O., Hoege, C., Hein, MY., Osborne-Nishimura, E., Mahamid, J., Jahnel, M., Jawerth, L., Pozniakovski, A., Eckmann, CR., Jülicher, F., Hyman, AA.
2015 A Liquid-to-Solid Phase Transition of the ALS Protein FUS Accelerated by Disease Mutation. Cell Patel, A., Lee, HO., Jawerth, L., Maharana, S., Jahnel, M., Hein, MY., Stoynov, S., Mahamid, J., Saha, S., Franzmann, TM., Pozniakovski, A., Poser, I., Maghelli, N., Royer, LA., Weigert, M., Myers, EW., Grill, S., Drechsel, D., Hyman, AA., Alberti, S.
2012 Characterization of structural and functional domains of the anillin-related protein Mid1p that contribute to cytokinesis in fission yeast. Mol Biol Cell Saha, S., Pollard, TD.
2012 Anillin-related protein Mid1p coordinates the assembly of the cytokinetic contractile ring in fission yeast. Mol Biol Cell Saha, S., Pollard, TD.