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Year Title Journal Authors
2019 Estrogen Signaling Drives Ciliogenesis in Human Endometrial Organoids. Endocrinology Haider, S., Gamperl, M., Burkard, TR., Kunihs, V., Kaindl, U., Junttila, S., Fiala, C., Schmidt, K., Mendjan, S., Knöfler, M., Latos, PA.
2018 The SMAD2/3 interactome reveals that TGFβ controls m6A mRNA methylation in pluripotency. Nature Bertero, A., Brown, S., Madrigal, P., Osnato, A., Ortmann, D., Yiangou, L., Kadiwala, J., Hubner, NC., de Los Mozos, IR., Sadée, C., Lenaerts, AS., Nakanoh, S., Grandy, R., Farnell, E., Ule, J., Stunnenberg, HG., Mendjan, S., Vallier, L.
2018 Self-Renewing Trophoblast Organoids Recapitulate the Developmental Program of the Early Human Placenta. Stem Cell Reports Haider, S., Meinhardt, G., Saleh, L., Kunihs, V., Gamperl, M., Kaindl, U., Ellinger, A., Burkard, TR., Fiala, C., Pollheimer, J., Mendjan, S., Latos, PA., Knöfler, M.
2015 Activin/nodal signaling and NANOG orchestrate human embryonic stem cell fate decisions by controlling the H3K4me3 chromatin mark. Genes Dev Bertero, A., Madrigal, P., Galli, A., Hubner, NC., Moreno, I., Burks, D., Brown, S., Pedersen, RA., Gaffney, D., Mendjan, S., Pauklin, S., Vallier, L.
2015 Brachyury and SMAD signalling collaboratively orchestrate distinct mesoderm and endoderm gene regulatory networks in differentiating human embryonic stem cells. Development Faial, T., Bernardo, AS., Mendjan, S., Diamanti, E., Ortmann, D., Gentsch, GE., Mascetti, VL., Trotter, MW., Smith, JC., Pedersen, RA.
2014 NANOG and CDX2 pattern distinct subtypes of human mesoderm during exit from pluripotency. Cell Stem Cell Mendjan, S., Mascetti, VL., Ortmann, D., Ortiz, M., Karjosukarso, DW., Ng, Y., Moreau, T., Pedersen, RA.
2012 Synthetic organs for regenerative medicine. Cell Stem Cell Pedersen, RA., Mascetti, V., Mendjan, S.
2012 Status of genomic imprinting in epigenetically distinct pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cells Sun, B., Ito, M., Mendjan, S., Ito, Y., Brons, IG., Murrell, A., Vallier, L., Ferguson-Smith, AC., Pedersen, RA.
2009 Activin/Nodal signalling maintains pluripotency by controlling Nanog expression. Development Vallier, L., Mendjan, S., Brown, S., Chng, Z., Teo, A., Smithers, LE., Trotter, MW., Cho, CH., Martinez, A., Rugg-Gunn, P., Brons, G., Pedersen, RA.
2007 The right dose for every sex. Chromosoma Mendjan, S., Akhtar, A.
2006 Nuclear pore components are involved in the transcriptional regulation of dosage compensation in Drosophila. Mol Cell Mendjan, S., Taipale, M., Kind, J., Holz, H., Gebhardt, P., Schelder, M., Vermeulen, M., Buscaino, A., Duncan, K., Mueller, J., Wilm, M., Stunnenberg, HG., Saumweber, H., Akhtar, A.