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Lab Science Cakes



Chromosome spread cake to celebrate Anna's birthday (c) Johanna



Cake to celebrate our publication in Nature journal (c) Johanna: 3D genome organization of maternal and paternal zygotic nuclei differ



Cake to celebrate our publication in EMBO journal (c) Johanna: Cohesin-dependent loop extrusion organizes the zygotic genome architecture (on cake: WaplKO* phenotype of maternal and paternal pronuclei)



Genome organization in the organoid cake



Metaphase II spindle with a misaligned chromosome. Cake to celebrate Christina’s birthday © Johanna



Meiotic cohesin with post translational modifications as well as an illustration of the binary system. Cake to celebrate Anna's and Siegfried’s birthday © Christina



Chromatin loops mediated by cohesin. Celebrating Kikue's birthday. By Imre Gaspar.