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Year Title Journal Authors
2017 Guided self-organization and cortical plate formation in human brain organoids. Nat Biotechnol Lancaster, MA., Corsini, NS., Wolfinger, S., Gustafson, EH., Phillips, AW., Burkard, TR., Otani, T., Livesey, FJ., Knoblich, JA.
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2017 Human tissues in a dish: The research and ethical implications of organoid technology. Science Bredenoord, AL., Clevers, H., Knoblich, JA.
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2017 The hope and the hype of organoid research. Development Huch, M., Knoblich, JA., Lutolf, MP., Martinez-Arias, A.
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2017 The tumor suppressor Brat controls neuronal stem cell lineages by inhibiting Deadpan and Zelda. EMBO Rep Reichardt, I., Bonnay, F., Steinmann, V., Loedige, I., Burkard, TR., Meister, G., Knoblich, JA.
2017 The splicing co-factor Barricade/Tat-SF1 is required for cell cycle and lineage progression in Drosophila neural stem cells. Development Abramczuk, MK., Burkard, TR., Rolland, V., Steinmann, V., Duchek, P., Jiang, Y., Wissel, S., Reichert, H., Knoblich, JA.
2016 Lab-Built Brains. Sci Am Knoblich, JA.
2016 MicroRNA-34/449 controls mitotic spindle orientation during mammalian cortex development. EMBO J Fededa, JP., Esk, C., Mierzwa, B., Stanyte, R., Yuan, S., Zheng, H., Ebnet, K., Yan, W., Knoblich, JA., Gerlich, DW.
2016 Cerebral Organoids Recapitulate Epigenomic Signatures of the Human Fetal Brain. Cell Rep Luo, C., Lancaster, MA., Castanon, R., Nery, JR., Knoblich, JA., Ecker, JR.
2016 You Are What You Eat: Linking Metabolic Asymmetry and Cell Fate Choice. Dev Cell Landskron, L., Knoblich, JA.
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2015 BIOSAFETY. Safeguarding gene drive experiments in the laboratory. Science Akbari, OS., Bellen, HJ., Bier, E., Bullock, SL., Burt, A., Church, GM., Cook, KR., Duchek, P., Edwards, OR., Esvelt, KM., Gantz, VM., Golic, KG., Gratz, SJ., Harrison, MM., Hayes, KR., James, AA., Kaufman, TC., Knoblich, J., Malik, HS., Matthews, KA., O'Connor-Giles, KM., Parks, AL., Perrimon, N., Port, F., Russell, S., Ueda, R., Wildonger, J.
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2014 Par3-mInsc and G?i3 cooperate to promote oriented epidermal cell divisions through LGN. Nat Cell Biol Williams, SE., Ratliff, LA., Postiglione, MP., Knoblich, JA., Fuchs, E.