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Fumiyo Ikeda

Group Leader

ubiquitination: mechanisms and biology

Since 2019

Professor, Medical Institute of Bioregulation (MIB), Kyushu University, Japan

Since 2011Group Leader at IMBA
2005 - 2011Postdoctoral fellow and staff scientist at Goethe University, Frankfurt aM (Dikic Lab)
2003 - 2005Staff scientist at Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry (Yoneda Lab)
2003PhD at the biochemistry dept. of Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry (Yoneda Lab)

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Former Lab Members

NamePositionYearNext Station
Tomoko AsaokaPostdoctoral fellow2014-2017Postdoctoral fellow at VIB, Ghent, Belgium (Lamkanfi Lab)

Petra Ebner

PhD student2013-2018Junior Clinical Data Manager, ABCSG - Austrian Breast & Colorectal Cancer Study Group, Austria
Younes RedouanePhD student2013-2016Medical market access manger at the Lending Group, Austria

Franziska Christina Hofer

Master student2017-2018Project Coordinator at Medpace, Leuven, Belgium
Steven DupardMaster student2017Intern, the R&D department of New England Biolabs, Boston, USA
Isabella PoetschMaster student and TA2015 - 2017University Assistant at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (Vienna University) and the Cancer Research Institute (Med Uni), Vienna, Austria (Keppler, Berger and Heffeter Groups)
Jorge AlmagroVBC Summer student, Master student2014, 2016 - 2017PhD student at the Francis Crick Institute, London, UK (Behrens Lab)
Christine EhrhardtMaster student2013-2014Institut für Medizinische Genetik und angewandte Genomik Tübingen, Germany
Stefan LutzmayerMaster student2012-2013PhD student at GMI, Vienna, Austria (Nodine Lab)
Katrin SchodlTA 2017-2019Clinical Research Associate, IQVIA RDS GesmbH , Vienna, Austria
Ryoko Shiraishi TA2013-2015in Japan
Concepcion MartinezTA2012- 2014Senior manager at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Florida, USA (Nimer Lab)
Irini DijkhoffVBC Summer School student2017Associate Scientist at Galapagos, Leiden, The Netherlands
Michaela MorlockVBC Summer School student2016Master student at Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Germany (Wagner Lab)
Franziska TeuselVBC Summer School student2012PhD student at University of Konstanz, Germany (Mayer Lab)