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Group news (since 2017)


Oct 2018, Franzi C Hofer, Master defense

Sept 2018, Lilian won the poster prize at the 2nd Frankfurt Conference on Quality Control in Life Processes!

Sept 2018, A review article 'Roles of ubiquitin in autophagy and cell death' by Carlos and Fumiyo was accepted! (Gómez-Díaz and Ikeda, Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology)

May 2018, Lilian presented her PhD work at the 'Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium'.

April 2018, A commentary article on Petra's Nat Commun paper was accepted (Ikeda, Autophagy J)

April 2018, A research article of Isabella's master thesis work is now on bioRxiv.


April 2018, A review article on the linear Ub binding domains by Lilian, Simin and Fumiyo was accepted! (Fennell et al., FEBS J)

Jan 2018, A research paper of Petra's PhD work was finally accepted! (Ebner et al., Nat Commun)



Lilian won a poster prize! (Oct 2018)

5th VBC Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium (May 2018)


Nov 2017, Joanna Nowacka joined as a PhD student.

Sept 2017, Iris Bachtrog joined as a master student.

Sept 2017, Steven Dupard, Master defense

Sept 2017, Dr. Tamotsu Yoshimori's impromptu seminar

Sept 2017, Dr. Mikihiko Naito's impromptu seminar

Aug 2017, Franziska Hofer joined as a master student

July- Aug 2017, Irini Dijkhoff (Leiden Univ.) joined as a VBC summer student.

July 2017, Isabella Poetsch, Master defense

July 2017, Jorge Almagro, Master defense

June 2017, Petra Ebner, PhD defense

May 2017 Fumiyo Ikeda became a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the FEBS Journal.

May 2017, Lilian Fennell and Alan Rodriguez together with Julia Leodolter (IMP) organized the 4th VBC Ubiquitin Symposium.

May 2017, Carlos Gomez Diaz joined as a PhD student.

April 2017, A review article (Ebner et al., 2017 Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol) was accepted.

March 2017, A review article (Rittinger and Ikeda., 2017 Open Biol) was accepted.

Feb 2017, Katrin Schodl joined as a TA.

Feb 2017, Dr. Tomoko Asaoka moved to take another challenge at Mohamed Lamkanfi Lab (VIB, Ghent).

Jan 2017, Steven Dupard joined as a master student.

Jan 2017, Dr. Shigekazu Nagata's impromptu seminar

Presentations (since 2017)


02/09-06/09/2018, 2nd Frankfurt Conference on Quality Control in Life Processes, Frankfurt, Germany (Lilian Fennell)

03/06-06/06/2018, The Ubiquitin System: Function, Physiology and its Role in Disease Conference, Nassau, Bahamas (Fumiyo Ikeda)

05/05/2018, 5th VBC Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium, Vienna, Austria (Lilian Fennell)

22-26/04/2018, Keystone Symposia, Selective Autophagy, Kyoto, Japan (Fumiyo Ikeda)

22-24/02/2018, Proteostatic Mechanisms in Health and Disease:The Final COST Action BM1307 Meeting, Athens, Greece (Fumiyo Ikeda)


7-8/11/2017, 2nd Workshop on Cell Death and Inflammation: The Chicken and Egg Paradox, Zurich, Switzerland (Fumiyo Ikeda)

11-13/10/2017, 2nd IFOM Symposium - Advanced Lecture Course 'Ubiquitin-assisted autophagy from mechanisms to pathology', Milan, Italy (Petra Ebner)

15 -19/09/2017, EMBO conference, Ubiquitin and SUMO: From molecular mechanisms to system-wide responses, Cavtat-Dubrovnik, Croatia (Fumiyo Ikeda)

13/05/2017, 4th VBC Ubiquitin Symposium, Vienna, Austria (Alan Rodriguez, Jorge Almagro)

29/03/2017, ERC 10th Anniversary celebration, Tokyo, Japan (a video message, Fumiyo Ikeda)

10 – 14/01/2017, EMBO Workshop, Cell death, inflammation and cancer, Obergurgl, Austria (Fumiyo Ikeda)