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Year Title Journal Authors
2018 Divergent Routes toward Wnt and R-spondin Niche Independency during Human Gastric Carcinogenesis. Cell Nanki, K., Toshimitsu, K., Takano, A., Fujii, M., Shimokawa, M., Ohta, Y., Matano, M., Seino, T., Nishikori, S., Ishikawa, K., Kawasaki, K., Togasaki, K., Takahashi, S., Sukawa, Y., Ishida, H., Sugimoto, S., Kawakubo, H., Kim, J., Kitagawa, Y., Sekine, S., Koo, BK., Kanai, T., Sato, T.
2018 Generation of FLIP and FLIP-FlpE Targeting Vectors for Biallelic Conditional and Reversible Gene Knockouts in Mouse and Human Cells. Methods Mol Biol Koo, BK.
2018 Tales from the crypt: intestinal niche signals in tissue renewal, plasticity and cancer. Open Biol Spit, M., Koo, BK., Maurice, MM.
2018 Morphological alterations of cultured human colorectal matched tumour and healthy organoids. Oncotarget Kashfi, SMH., Almozyan, S., Jinks, N., Koo, BK., Nateri, AS.
2018 Human gastric cancer modelling using organoids. Gut Seidlitz, T., Merker, SR., Rothe, A., Zakrzewski, F., von Neubeck, C., Grützmann, K., Sommer, U., Schweitzer, C., Schölch, S., Uhlemann, H., Gaebler, AM., Werner, K., Krause, M., Baretton, GB., Welsch, T., Koo, BK., Aust, DE., Klink, B., Weitz, J., Stange, DE.
2018 DNA Methylation and Transcription Patterns in Intestinal Epithelial Cells From Pediatric Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Differentiate Disease Subtypes and Associate With Outcome. Gastroenterology Howell, KJ., Kraiczy, J., Nayak, KM., Gasparetto, M., Ross, A., Lee, C., Mak, TN., Koo, BK., Kumar, N., Lawley, T., Sinha, A., Rosenstiel, P., Heuschkel, R., Stegle, O., Zilbauer, M.
2018 How to create state-of-the-art genetic model systems: strategies for optimal CRISPR-mediated genome editing. Nucleic Acids Res Bollen, Y., Post, J., Koo, BK., Snippert, HJ.
2017 Stem Cells in Repair of Gastrointestinal Epithelia. Physiology (Bethesda) Andersson-Rolf, A., Zilbauer, M., Koo, BK., Clevers, H.
2017 Human primary liver cancer-derived organoid cultures for disease modeling and drug screening. Nat Med Broutier, L., Mastrogiovanni, G., Verstegen, MM., Francies, HE., Gavarró, LM., Bradshaw, CR., Allen, GE., Arnes-Benito, R., Sidorova, O., Gaspersz, MP., Georgakopoulos, N., Koo, BK., Dietmann, S., Davies, SE., Praseedom, RK., Lieshout, R., IJzermans, JNM., Wigmore, SJ., Saeb-Parsy, K., Garnett, MJ., van der Laan, LJ., Huch, M.
2017 A Protocol for Multiple Gene Knockout in Mouse Small Intestinal Organoids Using a CRISPR-concatemer. J Vis Exp Merenda, A., Andersson-Rolf, A., Mustata, RC., Li, T., Kim, H., Koo, BK.
2017 One-step generation of conditional and reversible gene knockouts. Nat Methods Andersson-Rolf, A., Mustata, RC., Merenda, A., Kim, J., Perera, S., Grego, T., Andrews, K., Tremble, K., Silva, JC., Fink, J., Skarnes, WC., Koo, BK.
2017 Adult gastric stem cells and their niches. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol Bartfeld, S., Koo, BK.
2017 DNA methylation defines regional identity of human intestinal epithelial organoids and undergoes dynamic changes during development. Gut Kraiczy, J., Nayak, KM., Howell, KJ., Ross, A., Forbester, J., Salvestrini, C., Mustata, R., Perkins, S., Andersson-Rolf, A., Leenen, E., Liebert, A., Vallier, L., Rosenstiel, PC., Stegle, O., Dougan, G., Heuschkel, R., Koo, BK., Zilbauer, M.
2017 Long-term, hormone-responsive organoid cultures of human endometrium in a chemically defined medium. Nat Cell Biol Turco, MY., Gardner, L., Hughes, J., Cindrova-Davies, T., Gomez, MJ., Farrell, L., Hollinshead, M., Marsh, SGE., Brosens, JJ., Critchley, HO., Simons, BD., Hemberger, M., Koo, BK., Moffett, A., Burton, GJ.
2016 Rapid, one-step generation of biallelic conditional gene knockouts. BioRxiv Andersson-Rolf A, Mustata RC, Merenda A, Perera S, Grego T, Kim J, Andrews K, Fink J, Skarnes WC, Koo BK.
2016 Simultaneous paralogue knockout using a CRISPR-concatemer in mouse small intestinal organoids. Dev Biol Andersson-Rolf, A., Merenda, A., Mustata, RC., Li, T., Dietmann, S., Koo, BK.
2016 Organoids: A new in vitro model system for biomedical science and disease modelling and promising source for cell-based transplantation. Dev Biol Koo, BK., Huch, M.
2016 Clonal Evolution of Stem Cells in the Gastrointestinal Tract. Adv Exp Med Biol Fink, J., Koo, BK.
2016 Culture and establishment of self-renewing human and mouse adult liver and pancreas 3D organoids and their genetic manipulation. Nat Protoc Broutier, L., Andersson-Rolf, A., Hindley, CJ., Boj, SF., Clevers, H., Koo, BK., Huch, M.
2015 Stem cell-derived organoid cultures and genome editing tools. Cell Gene Therapy Insights Andersson-Rolf A, Koo BK