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Year Title Journal Authors
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2017 A maternal-effect selfish genetic element in Caenorhabditis elegans. Science Ben-David, E., Burga, A., Kruglyak, L.
2013 Predicting phenotypic variation from genotypes, phenotypes and a combination of the two. Curr Opin Biotechnol Burga, A., Lehner, B.
2012 Fitness trade-offs and environmentally induced mutation buffering in isogenic C. elegans. Science Casanueva, MO., Burga, A., Lehner, B.
2012 Beyond genotype to phenotype: why the phenotype of an individual cannot always be predicted from their genome sequence and the environment that they experience. FEBS J Burga, A., Lehner, B.
2011 Predicting mutation outcome from early stochastic variation in genetic interaction partners. Nature Burga, A., Casanueva, MO., Lehner, B.