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Austrian Society for Stem Cell Research founded at IMBA

Today, 20 March 2018, the Austrian Society for Stem Cell Research was founded at IMBA. The Austrian Society for Stem Cell Research ( aims to provide a network for the national stem cell research community.

New technologies in modern stem cell and organoid research do not only accelerate the pace of new discoveries in life sciences and pave the way for novel medical applications. At the same time developments in stem cell technologies bring added value for the economy and society. It is an essential goal of the to promote interdisciplinary exchange between scientists, patients and doctors, and facilitate public engagement and societal dialogue. 

"Even though Austria is a small country on the map, the Austrian stem cell research community has yielded international merits. will allow us to join forces, promote interdisciplinary projects and bundle public engagement in the field of stem cell research", says Jürgen Knoblich, deputy scientific director of IMBA and founding member of the

In these exciting times in particular, we need synergies between basic researchers and clinical experts

Jürgen Knoblich

Deputy Scientific Director