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Year Title Journal Authors
2019 The transcription factor odd-paired regulates temporal identity in transit-amplifying neural progenitors via an incoherent feed-forward loop. Elife Abdusselamoglu, MD., Eroglu, E., Burkard, TR., Knoblich, JA.
2019 Dynamics of activating and repressive histone modifications in Drosophila neural stem cell lineages and brain tumors. Development Abdusselamoglu, MD., Landskron, L., Bowman, SK., Eroglu, E., Burkard, T., Kingston, RE., Knoblich, JA.
2017 The splicing co-factor Barricade/Tat-SF1 is required for cell cycle and lineage progression in Drosophila neural stem cells. Development Abramczuk, MK., Burkard, TR., Rolland, V., Steinmann, V., Duchek, P., Jiang, Y., Wissel, S., Reichert, H., Knoblich, JA.
2009 SATB1 defines the developmental context for gene silencing by Xist in lymphoma and embryonic cells. Dev Cell Agrelo, R., Souabni, A., Novatchkova, M., Haslinger, C., Leeb, M., Komnenovic, V., Kishimoto, H., Gresh, L., Kohwi-Shigematsu, T., Kenner, L., Wutz, A.
2020 Moyamoya disease factor RNF213 is a giant E3 ligase with a dynein-like core and a distinct ubiquitin-transfer mechanism. Elife Ahel, J., Lehner, A., Vogel, A., Schleiffer, A., Meinhart, A., Haselbach, D., Clausen, T.
2015 BIOSAFETY. Safeguarding gene drive experiments in the laboratory. Science Akbari, OS., Bellen, HJ., Bier, E., Bullock, SL., Burt, A., Church, GM., Cook, KR., Duchek, P., Edwards, OR., Esvelt, KM., Gantz, VM., Golic, KG., Gratz, SJ., Harrison, MM., Hayes, KR., James, AA., Kaufman, TC., Knoblich, J., Malik, HS., Matthews, KA., O'Connor-Giles, KM., Parks, AL., Perrimon, N., Port, F., Russell, S., Ueda, R., Wildonger, J.
2016 Identification of embryonic precursor cells that differentiate into thymic epithelial cells expressing autoimmune regulator. J Exp Med Akiyama, N., Takizawa, N., Miyauchi, M., Yanai, H., Tateishi, R., Shinzawa, M., Yoshinaga, R., Kurihara, M., Demizu, Y., Yasuda, H., Yagi, S., Wu, G., Matsumoto, M., Sakamoto, R., Yoshida, N., Penninger, JM., Kobayashi, Y., Inoue, J., Akiyama, T.
2008 The tumor necrosis factor family receptors RANK and CD40 cooperatively establish the thymic medullary microenvironment and self-tolerance. Immunity Akiyama, T., Shimo, Y., Yanai, H., Qin, J., Ohshima, D., Maruyama, Y., Asaumi, Y., Kitazawa, J., Takayanagi, H., Penninger, JM., Matsumoto, M., Nitta, T., Takahama, Y., Inoue, J.
2018 Cell-type specific sequencing of microRNAs from complex animal tissues. Nat Methods Alberti, C., Manzenreither, RA., Sowemimo, I., Burkard, TR., Wang, J., Mahofsky, K., Ameres, SL., Cochella, L.
2011 Spatial exclusivity combined with positive and negative selection of phosphorylation motifs is the basis for context-dependent mitotic signaling. Sci Signal Alexander, J., Lim, D., Joughin, BA., Hegemann, B., Hutchins, JR., Ehrenberger, T., Ivins, F., Sessa, F., Hudecz, O., Nigg, EA., Fry, AM., Musacchio, A., Stukenberg, PT., Mechtler, K., Peters, JM., Smerdon, SJ., Yaffe, MB.
2007 Dendritic cells at the osteo-immune interface: implications for inflammation-induced bone loss. J Bone Miner Res Alnaeeli, M., Park, J., Mahamed, D., Penninger, JM., Teng, YT.
2006 Immune interactions with CD4+ T cells promote the development of functional osteoclasts from murine CD11c+ dendritic cells. J Immunol Alnaeeli, M., Penninger, JM., Teng, YT.
2015 Anion-exchange chromatography of phosphopeptides: weak anion exchange versus strong anion exchange and anion-exchange chromatography versus electrostatic repulsion-hydrophilic interaction chromatography. Anal Chem Alpert, AJ., Hudecz, O., Mechtler, K.
2010 Peptide orientation affects selectivity in ion-exchange chromatography. Anal Chem Alpert, AJ., Petritis, K., Kangas, L., Smith, RD., Mechtler, K., Mitulović, G., Mohammed, S., Heck, AJ.
2007 Molecular basis for target RNA recognition and cleavage by human RISC. Cell Ameres, SL., Martinez, J., Schroeder, R.
2013 Diversifying microRNA sequence and function. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol Ameres, SL., Zamore, PD.
2017 Mapping the mouse Allelome reveals tissue-specific regulation of allelic expression. Elife Andergassen, D., Dotter, CP., Wenzel, D., Sigl, V., Bammer, PC., Muckenhuber, M., Mayer, D., Kulinski, TM., Theussl, HC., Penninger, JM., Bock, C., Barlow, DP., Pauler, FM., Hudson, QJ.
2020 Correction: The Airn lncRNA does not require any DNA elements within its locus to silence distant imprinted genes. PLoS Genet Andergassen, D., Muckenhuber, M., Bammer, PC., Kulinski, TM., Theussl, HC., Shimizu, T., Penninger, JM., Pauler, FM., Hudson, QJ.
2019 The Airn lncRNA does not require any DNA elements within its locus to silence distant imprinted genes. PLoS Genet Andergassen, D., Muckenhuber, M., Bammer, PC., Kulinski, TM., Theussl, HC., Shimizu, T., Penninger, JM., Pauler, FM., Hudson, QJ.
2017 A heterochromatin-dependent transcription machinery drives piRNA expression. Nature Andersen, PR., Tirian, L., Vunjak, M., Brennecke, J.