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Awards & Honors

Grants, Awards and honors are important parameters for measuring scientific excellence.  At IMBA scientists are empowered to perform at their best and have demonstrated extraordinary achievements in research.


The European Research Council (ERC) was founded by the EU in 2007 to fund outstanding science. 10 years later, ERC grants stand out as the most prestigious award for high quality research in Europe. The sole selection criterion for an ERC grant is scientific excellence. The process is so competitive that only 11% of applications are funded, however, at IMBA and the Vienna BioCenter the success rate is higher than 60%.

At IMBA 9 out of 12 groups are currently funded by an ERC grant.

The Vienna BioCenter celebrates ERC's 10-year anniversary


Election to EMBO Membership is recognition of research excellence and the outstanding achievements made by a life scientist. 85 EMBO Members and Associate Members have been awarded Nobel Prizes. The annual nominations and elections ensure that the membership remains at the forefront of life science research. The EMBO Membership currently comprises more than 1700 life scientists.

At IMBA, 4 Group leaders are elected EMBO members, 2 group leaders were recently appointed EMBO Young Investigators.


Year Award Institution Person Group
2011 ERC Starting Grant European Research Council Brennecke Julius Brennecke
2011 ERC Starting Grant European Research Council Gerlich Daniel Gerlich
2011 VBC Summer School Prize (Sponsor: Canon Austria) Vienna Biocenter Grimm Fiona Brennecke
2011 ERC Advanced Investigator Grant European Research Council Knoblich Jürgen Knoblich
2011 Elected as Corresponding Member Austrian Academy of Sciences Knoblich Jürgen Knoblich
2011 Summer School Award GEN-AU Loidolt Petra Penninger
2011 Monash Lecture Australian Academy of Sciences Marlovits Thomas Marlovits
2011 Outstanding Scientist Techology Award Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities Mechtler Karl
2011 Elected president Austrian Proteomics Society Mechtler Karl
2011 Long-term Fellowship Award Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Mohn Fabio Brennecke
2011 VBC Summer School Prize (Sponsor: VWR) Vienna Biocenter Oest-Jacobsen Cecile Marlovits
2011 Kirsten Peter Rabitsch Award IMP - IMBA Richter Constance Knoblich
2011 VBC PhD Award Vienna Biocenter Richter Constance Knoblich
2011 Best Poster Prize 3rd Annual Eurosystem Consortium Meeting, Prague Rolland Vivien Knoblich
2011 VBC PhD Award Vienna Biocenter Schraidt Oliver Marlovits
2011 ÖGMBT Award Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology Schramek Daniel Penninger
2011 PhD Fellowship Boehringer Ingelheim Sienski Greg Brennecke
2010 ERC Starting Grant European Research Council Brennecke Julius Brennecke
2010 START Prize Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Brennecke Julius Brennecke
2010 Premio Leonardo da Vinci Rotary Clubs Brennecke Julius Brennecke