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Benefits & Support

Moving to a new lab is a big transition. To make your move to IMBA as smooth as possible, we provide you with information on planning, arriving and living in Vienna.


The HR department welcomes all the new arrivals, assists in the onboarding procedure, help you to find a new place and get acquainted with your new colleagues. You will receive a handy “starterpack” to prepare you for all contingencies.

Child Care

The Campus Vienna BioCenter (VBC) offer its own day-care center for kids from 3 months of age. The building has its own park for the children to play in. The Kindergarten is operated by the “Wiener Kinderfreunde”, a non-profit organisation with 100 years of experience in child care.


As you know, our brain uses more energy than any other human organ, accounting for up to 20 percent of the body's total energy expenditure. Luckily, the cafeteria does not only facilitate our caloric intake, but also provides healthy, diverse, and seasonally balanced food. Shared with our partnering institute, the IMP, the cafeteria has become the “informal hub” within the Vienna BioCenter and is the center of many social events.

Social Hours and Activities

IMBA offers many different social activities like soccer games, ski trips, drama clubs, barbecues, and the weekly beer hours, that are hosted by the different labs and come with original themes.

Administrative Services

You would like to apply for grants? Or, you require some custom-made lab items to run your experiments?  You need help when organizing a scientific meeting?

The Administrative Services are here to help and to meet the diverse needs of the research community at IMBA. 


SecretariatSonja Paulick, and Denise Langer are the right hand to the directors of IMBA. They assist in organizing symposia, seminars, the annual recess and scientific meetings.
They also attend to seminar speakers and other guests of the institute and take care of the travel management for the IMBA staff.
HR/GrantsTanja Winkler and her team take care of all the personnel issues of IMBA, including recruitment, onboarding assistance, and are the contact point for PhD students, PostDocs and Group Leaders and act as interface with funding agencies and project coordinators. They also help in targeting the best education and training opportunities for IMBA staff.
WorkshopYou need a unique, tailor made lab item to run your experience? Martin Colombini and his team are not only experienced craftsmen but also talented inventors, always looking for solutions.
Warehouse/Purchasing departmentWho just does not like shopping? Bernhard Waiker and his team make sure that you can find a rich inventory of high-throughput consumables and office supplies the Storehouse.
Accounting/ControllingLothar Hölzl and his team are helping you to handel traveling costs or paying of fees and charges. You can contact the Accounting department for paying cash out your expenditures. The opening Cash Hours are every day from 10 to 12 o`clock.
Communications & PartnershipsEvelyn Devuyst and her team are helping to bring new findings made at IMBA to the outside- making science understandable and exciting to a range of audiences on different channels. Also, they help you engage in corporate partnerships, find private funding opportunities, and design and realize outreach activities for your grant applications.
ReceptionVirginia Salva Millan always welcomes you with a smile at the IMBA reception, that is attended day and night. She helps with welcoming visitors, handling your mail and deliveries.
Facility ManagementTo make sure that IMBA offers the most suitable working environment a coordinated management of services and processes that support the organization is a crucial part. Alex Chlup and his team make sure that IMBA offers the most suitable working environment for its employees and their activities. They are responsible for the day-to-day management of services and processes, they are in charge for technical maintenance, and they help to keep the whole institute up- and running.
Information TechnologyThe IT Department provides state of the art information technology required for the fulfilment of IMBA’s mission. Ronny Zimmermann and his team deal with a wide array of services like data processing and storage, networks and support for all the different research groups and service departments. The team also offers a service hotline for computer related problems and an internal knowledge base to browse best practices and find solutions to common IT problems.