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The 13th Microsymposium on small RNAs

The Microsymposium on small RNAs took place at the Vienna BioCenter for the 13th time addressing the exciting and emerging field of RNA biology.

In this three-day event - jointly organized by group leaders from IMBA, IMP, MFPL, and GMI - a range of diverse topics from the small RNA universe was addressed: genome defense, RNA silencing, RNA structure/function, gene expression regulation, development and differentiation, host-pathogen interactions, and mechanisms of silencing.

The Microsymposium on small RNAs has a well-established tradition at the Vienna BioCenter. It was founded in 2005 and has grown into a major small RNA meeting in Europe. It is organized by the research institutions IMBA, IMP, and GMI as well as by the RNA community of the MFPL.

The three-day symposium brings together young scientists, junior and senior group leaders, as well as biotech companies from all over the world to present and discuss their latest findings in the exciting field of small RNAs. With a strong emphasis on the next generation of RNA researchers the meeting promotes interactions between Junior PIs, postdocs and PhD students. In the last decade this scientific event has developed into one of the most prestigious meetings in this area and has acquired a reputation for its vibrant atmosphere.

This annual occasion also strengthens global recognition of RNA biology research at the Vienna BioCenter; the subject links several research groups from the four research institutes on site and has developed into one of the core strengths of the Vienna BioCenter.

Conference contributions comprised a wide spectrum of topics, for example Kazufumi Mochizuki, former group leader from IMBA and now Professor at the IGH, Université de Montpellier talked about DNA elimination mechanisms in Tetrahymena, Pei-Hsuan Wu from the Zamore Lab at UMass Medical School, presented An Evolutionarily Conserved piRNA-Producing Locus Required for Male Mouse Fertility, Ramesh Pillai from the University of Geneva gave the closing talk about noncoding RNAs in gene expression control. 

Some impressions from the 13th Microsymposium on small RNAs. (Copyright: IMP):