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IMBA-Project "From Flies to Humans" receives substancial WWTF-funding

The Project "From Flies to Humans – Novel Approaches for Obesity and Diabetes" is among six projects that have been chosen for funding under the WWTF’s Life Sciences Call 2007 – "Linking Research and Patients’ Needs".

The winning projects were selected by an international jury and presented by the Mayor of Vienna on January 22nd. Project coordinator Andrew Pospisilik, postdoctoral fellow in Josef Penninger’s group at IMBA, collaborates closely with Harald Esterbauer from the Medical University Vienna.

The network integrates basic and clinical research and aims at identifying novel regulators of obesity and lipid metabolism. Its ultimate goal is to identify potential targets for innnovative approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of obesity and diabetes. The  granted funding is 799,100.- Euro over a period of 3 years.

»» link to the WWTF Website (Vienna Science and Technology Fund)