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Scientific Events

Almost 650 visitors at the long night of research

On April 13th IMBA openend up its foyer to the public for Austrias biggest Science Outreach Event - The Long Night of Research.

Committed researchers from IMBA, IMP, MFPL, FH CAMPUS VIENNA, and science educators from OPEN LAB and OPEN SCIENCE presented an exciting program, bringing basic research closer to young and old, in an entertaining and informative way. This year, more than 6,000 researchers engaged that night to bringing science closer to the public, and it was a huge success for the Vienna BioCenter: Almost 650 visitors were counted at IMBA that day!

Highlights included the zebrafish in different developmental stages by IMP´s Pauli lab, GMI´s set up a gardening station, where visitors could learn how plants use toxins so that annoying neighbors keep their distance. Open Lab provided 6 exciting hands on stations, where children from three years onwards could experiment in a real lab environment. Many researchers working at the Vienna BioCenter took their chance to bring their family and friends to work that day!

Thank you all, for making it such a special night!