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August 18, 2014

Stem cells go on a diet

In the up-to-the-minute field of stem cell research, researchers at the IMBA – Institute of Molecular Biotechnology at the Austrian Academy of Sciences – are causing a stir with two discoveries: when stem cells are no longer needed, they starve themselves to death. It is the stem cells' metabolism that seals their fate.

August 14, 2014

Publication highlight in Nature Genetics

Leonie Ringrose's group has shown that an epigenetic regulatory DNA element switches its function reversibly between activation and silencing, by switching the strand of its non coding transcription. Remarkably, the two strands work by different molecular mechanisms, and genome wide analysis shows that this may be a general mechanism in flies and vertebrates, for epigenetic switching.

June 25, 2014

Martin Moder wins European Science Slam finale in Copenhagen

Martin Moder, microbiologist in the group of Jürgen Knoblich, has won the European Science Slam finale held by the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) in...

June 23, 2014

IMBA director Josef Penninger receives Wittgenstein Award 2014

The geneticist has been honored for his scientific achievements in the fields of biomedicine and disease pattern research

May 26, 2014

New strategy to avoid collateral damage in cancer

Scientists at IMBA have identified the final component that turns the RNA ligase into a fully viable enzyme in humans. That opens up perspectives for new treatment strategies for numerous types of breast cancer and leukemia.