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December 01, 2011

How the bioweapon ricin kills - scientists solve mystery through revolutionary new technology

A key protein that controls how the deadly plant poison and bioweapon ricin kills, has finally been identified by researchers at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna, Austria. The discovery was made using a revolutionary technology that combines stem cell biology and modern screening methods, and reported today (Friday 2 December 2011) in the scientific journal Cell Stem Cell.

November 05, 2011

VBC PhD Award for Constance Richter and Oliver Schraidt

Constance Richter, former PhD student in the lab of Jürgen Knoblich and Oliver Schraidt, former PhD student in the lab of Thomas Marlovits (IMP-IMBA...

October 20, 2011

Why is man smarter than the mouse?

Stem cells in the human brain produce far more nerve cells than corresponding cells in mice. Jürgen Knoblich, a researcher at the Vienna Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (IMBA) found out what mechanisms are responsible, and why the orientation of the cells plays a role.

October 19, 2011

Daniel Schramek received two prizes for his research at IMBA

This month Daniel Schramek, who recently finished his PhD at IMBA, was awarded not one but  two prizes: He got the Alois Sonnleitner-Preis by the...

October 05, 2011

Kirsten Rabitsch Award 2011 goes to Constance Richter

Constance Richter from the lab of Jürgen Knoblich receives the Kirsten Rabitsch Award for her work "The tumour suppressor L(3)mbt inhibits...