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We are always looking for innovative staff to extend our dynamic team. IMBA is an inspiring place of work, offering its staff a string of unique advantages.

Academic Freedom

  • Scientific independence is an important value at IMBA; our research groups follow their own scientific interests and develop the issues important for them without institutional prescriptions. The driving forces are creative curiosity and a desire to set milestones in modern life sciences.  A Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) made up of top international scientists meets annually to give feedback and submit proposals for the further development of research.

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Outstanding scientific infrastructure

  • Scientific success at IMBA benefits to a significant extent from a diverse array of scientific service facilities, the variety and quality of these units being unmatched by most top international research institutes with support spanning a broad range of areas including conventional and high throughput sequencing, state of the art mass spectrometry analysis, various microscopy and electron microscopy systems, and a bioinformatics unit for example. With very few exceptions, all of these facilities are provided free of charge for the scientist.

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Programmes for all career phases

  • Summer School

    Summer School

    Extensive summer programme (research project, lecture series, scientific mini-symposium, social activities) for talented students searching for sound training in life sciences. Costs for participants are covered by a scholarship.

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    International PhD programme

    International PhD programme

    The programme is among the best postgraduate courses in European life sciences. Students work on biologically relevant issues as part of their doctoral thesis. Being a member of a rather small to medium group guarantees close contacts to all team-members, intense supervision by the team leader and an intimate and stimulating environment. Further aspects are availability of intensive professional training, an internationally competitive salary, and scientific and social events and activities.

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    Postdoc Association

    Postdoc Association

    The vast array of scientific service facilities, the dynamic and non-rigid spirit at the institute, the motivating salary and the support for young families all allow for a focus on addressing one's most exciting scientific questions without being limited in any possible way. On top the institute supports your scientific career. In detail, professional training courses to develop and improve your writing, presentation and leadership skills help to make you a better scientist along the way. Together IMBA offers the perfect environment to you to concentrate on your scientific visions.

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    Principal Investigators

    Principal Investigators

    We believe that one of the strongest qualities of IMBA is the spirit of its strong community. We work in a very friendly and dynamic atmosphere. This is especially true for the Junior PIs at IMBA who join up with the Juniors from the neighboring institutes IMP, GMI and MFPL on several occasions to foster scientific and personal interaction. With their often related research areas and the common infrastructure, the “IMBA-IMP” institutes are in the heart of the research community at the VBC campus.

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Attractive and family friendly environment

  • We care about the quality of life for our staff, various social activities, such as weekly social hours, annual outing and ski holiday, as well as various retreats all help in quickly making contacts between colleagues. Our own cafeteria provides refreshments while our on-campus kindergarten assists young parents. Additionally, Vienna itself is an exciting and international city rich in nature, music and culture. IMBA is just four underground stops from the city centre.

Professional training and networking

  • Internally organised events such as the annual micro-symposium on small RNAs, the student organised PhD symposium or the seminar programme with speakers from around the world foster contact with renowned scientists, often leading to fruitful international collaboration.

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Administrative support

The Vienna Biocenter in the third district of Vienna has established itself as the premier location for life sciences in Central Europe and is a world-leading international bio-medical research center.


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